Welcome to the World of Peressini Casa

Welcome to the World of Peressini Casa

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Welcome to the World of Peressini Casa

Welcome to the world of Peressini Casa, a place where elegance meets craftsmanship and innovation. Rooted deeply in the Italian tradition of excellence, we create, develop, and produce some of the most exquisite chairs, tables, and other furniture items in Italy. This commitment to authentic Italian craftsmanship ensures that you receive only the best seating solutions for your home, restaurant, hotel, or any space that demands quality and durability.

Crafting Excellence with Certified Quality

Peressini Casa is dedicated to producing furniture with materials of certified quality, thoroughly tested to provide strength, stability, and a long lifespan. Each piece is meticulously crafted to meet rigorous standards, ensuring that every chair or stool enhances your environment with both beauty and reliability. Our advanced production management allows us to offer a tailor-made service at an accessible price, making luxury customisation within reach.

A Legacy of Passion and Style

The story of Peressini Casa is deeply intertwined with family tradition and passion. In 1953, our father Giacomo Peressini founded “FRATELLI PERESSINI,” a company specialising in the manufacturing of chairs, tables, and complements. This fervent dedication to furniture creation was passed down to his children, Michele and Marco, who evolved the family business into the distinguished brand we know today as “PERESSINI CASA.” This transformation embodies our continuous commitment to fine craftsmanship and stylish design.

Customisation and Choice: The Peressini Casa Experience

Peressini Casa stands out for its expansive range of finishes, colours, top-quality materials, and diverse design styles. We provide our customers with the unique experience of creating their own personal pieces of furniture, all proudly made in Italy. Every Peressini Casa product is certified to ensure the highest level of quality. Our goal is to make our customers feel fully comfortable and at ease in their homes, surrounded by their own style and the unique beauty of their living spaces. As our motto states, our mission is to enhance the beauty of your home.

Personalised Furniture for Every Space

Peressini Casa offers an exceptional way for customers to design their dining chairs or barstools to perfectly match their preferences and requirements. Through customisation of various elements such as fabric, leather, and base options, we provide a truly personalised furniture solution.

The Complete Collection: “MY WAY”

Experience the ultimate in comfort and style with our comprehensive seating collection, “MY WAY.” This diverse range of seating solutions caters to every taste and need, offering:

  • 16 seats and 15 types of frames for chairs
  • 17 seats and 6 types of frames for stools

Immerse yourself in the great feeling of living your home in total comfort, thanks to our extensive universe of chairs, armchairs, and adjustable stools.

In the world of Peressini Casa, we invite you to explore the elegance of Italian craftsmanship and the joy of creating furniture that is uniquely yours. Discover the beauty, comfort, and style that can only be found with Peressini Casa.

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