Highgrove HG Classic Headboards

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Highgrove Classic Headboards

Elevate your bedroom aesthetic with Highgrove Classic Headboards, a curated collection designed to blend timeless elegance with modern sophistication. Each headboard in this exquisite range is named after distinguished constellations and zodiac signs, encapsulating the grandeur and mystery of the cosmos.

Aquarius: Embodying the innovative spirit of its namesake, the Aquarius headboard offers a contemporary twist to classic design, featuring clean lines and a sleek finish.

Gemini: Versatility defines the Gemini headboard, with its dual-toned fabric and reversible design, making it a perfect choice for those who love change and flexibility.

Capricorn: The epitome of understated elegance, the Capricorn headboard combines traditional craftsmanship with luxurious materials, offering a touch of sophistication to any bedroom.

Cygnus: Inspired by the graceful swan, the Cygnus headboard showcases curved edges and delicate detailing, providing a serene and sophisticated aesthetic.

Pegasus: Soaring above the ordinary, the Pegasus headboard features a majestic design with intricate embroidery, adding a regal touch to your sleeping sanctuary.

Pisces: Dive into tranquillity with the Pisces headboard, characterized by its soft, flowing fabric and calming hues, creating a peaceful retreat in your bedroom.

Leo: Exuding confidence and strength, the Leo headboard features bold lines and luxurious materials, making a statement of style and elegance.

Orion: Like the mighty hunter, the Orion headboard boasts a commanding presence with its robust structure and detailed craftsmanship, perfect for the discerning homeowner.

Libra: Achieve perfect balance with the Libra headboard, harmoniously blending classic design elements with contemporary flair for a polished look.

Sagittarius: With a focus on adventure and discovery, the Sagittarius headboard combines eclectic patterns and textures, offering a unique and dynamic addition to your bedroom.

Saturn: The essence of celestial grace, the Saturn headboard features ring-like ornamentation and subtle, elegant detailing, making it an outstanding centrepiece.

Nero: Imposing and refined, the Nero headboard showcases dark, rich materials, adding a touch of dramatic sophistication to your decor.

Pluto: Subtle yet captivating, the Pluto headboard offers a minimalist design with intricate nuances, providing an understated elegance that complements any bedroom style.

Luna: Bask in the serene glow of the Luna headboard, featuring soft, textured fabrics and a calming colour palette, perfect for creating a tranquil sleep environment.

Jupiter: Dominating with its grandeur, the Jupiter headboard combines stately design with superior comfort, promising both luxury and longevity.

Explore the Highgrove Classic Headboards collection and transform your bedroom into a haven of elegance and comfort. Each headboard is meticulously crafted to provide exceptional quality and unparalleled aesthetic appeal, ensuring that your resting space is nothing short of extraordinary.

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  • Fabric and Woord


  • Available in various sizes
  • High 21in with wooden strutts

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